Merali has worked with a wide range of Luxury brands such as:

Louis Vuitton,
Christian Dior,
Gucci and more. 


Repairing straps as the most used part of a bag can be extremely complex due to to the design and stitching methods. To achieve the best quality we improve the strength of the strap to match the colour, and texture the bag inside-out and match the age of the bag to avoid any repair detection.


At Luxury Bag Repairs we have a large stock of zippers in all colours, sizes and materials. Merali has 28 years of experience to repair the original zipper in order to preserve the integrity of the bag. We would only change them if they are damaged beyond repair in which case they will be replaced with a high quality brand new zipper.

We can repair bags and purses regardless of the issues including:

  • Changing the design of the bag. Luxury Bag Repair.
  • The addition of new lining.
  • Making and putting new pockets in the bag.
  • Adding new bindings.
  • Making new straps.
  • Stitching repairs.
  • Repairing Brass and hardware.
  • Magnetic closures.
  • Beads, stones and ornaments.
  • aswell as Repairing or replacing of chain or straps. Handbag repair in London.

New handles or refinishing, including:

  • Dying and colouring repair. Luxury Bag Repair.
  • Making new handles.
  • Replacing or repairing of zips.
  • Replacing or repairing of linings.
  • aswell as Replacing and refining of piping and trims. Handbag repair in London.

We can also repair:

  • Large Travel Luggage & Briefcases. Handbag repair in London.
  • Repair or replace zippers and slider.
  • aswell as Replacing handles for briefcases.

We can also add a shoulder or pull strap to your luggage.

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