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To whom it may concern. Al Shahabi has given us complete happiness and also our satisfaction with his work for us at the Chanel Boutique Sloane St. We would also continue to support his service to us in our Customer Service Department. Yours faithfully, The Chanel team.


KG Shoes is our primary Atelier.

We are happy to confirm that since Ali Shahabi joined the KG Shoes team, we have seen an improvement on the quality of the repairs. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sarah Miles / Bally

I write regarding Mr Al Shahabi employment at KG Shoes.

I would like to commend Mr Shahabi’s work quality and application. We have been using KG Shoes as our local Shoe and Leather goods company for over 10 years.Since Mr Shahabi has been a part of their team, he has helped improve the level of service and quality provided to us over the last four years he has been working there.

We appreciate all his efforts and would also like to send him our best wishes for the future.

Mr M Delyfer / Gucci

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